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How to procrastinate (and do some good while you're at it)

Within a few hours of starting medical school one message is made very clear to you: studying medicine is now your full time job. And while it’s true that this degree is one of the biggest commitments you’ll ever make, your experience at the GM can be about way more than just lectures and tutorials.

As a fresh-faced and eager Phase 1 newbie, I decided to put myself forward to join the UOW Global Health Group in February and was elected as the club’s AMSA Global Health Rep. I took on this role with little idea of what it entailed, but in the hope that it would provide a platform for me to pursue my global health interests. Over the last ten months this role has given me opportunities to not only participate in amazing local activities (2000+ birthing kits assembled, a dozen dolphins spotted, and many baked goods eaten sold), but also to attend exciting interstate events like Council and Global Health Conference and meet fellow med students from across Australia. All in all, a very fun year!

So when elections for the AMSA Global Health 2019 Executive opened up, I was super keen but initially hesitant to apply. What could I offer as a first year medical student with limited AMSA experience? After a little encouragement from the people I’d met in AMSA GH, I threw my hat in the ring with a very last minute application and was lucky enough to join the incoming Executive as a National Coordinator. Now it will be my turn in 2019 to support other Australian students to undertake the GH Rep role in their universities.

Putting your hand up for extracurricular roles is not just good for the CV, it will benefit you personally and professionally throughout your studies and career. These opportunities allow you to connect with students from all around Australia and at various stages of their medicine journey. You get to learn how organisations like AMSA function and their role in advocating for Australia’s diverse group of medical students. And for me personally, being involved helps remind me why I decided to study medicine in the first place: to join a like-minded community of people who have committed themselves to the service of others.

If AMSA isn’t quite for you, keep in mind that there are literally SO MANY ways to get involved in extracurricular activities while studying medicine. No matter your level of experience, most organisations are just looking for passionate and enthusiastic young people with the capacity to show some initiative and maybe reply to emails.

As future medical professionals, we will have the great privilege and responsibility of advocating for individuals and the community every day through our work. So why not take a break from the study and get started now?

-Janey Kennedy

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