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Year-in-review - Bec Newton (Phase 1)

Having finished exams a couple of weeks ago and settled into the holiday period very easily, it has been refreshing to reflect upon the year that was.

Wollongong has always been home to me, which made it an easy transition to UOW. It has been nice sharing some of my favourite spots with people from around the country and world + learning about so many more hidden gems from all our adventures!

Medicine has always been the ‘dream’ so not only was this year incredible in that respect but meeting the people that I have, has been even more special. Days, weeks, months of study, surrounded by not only your peers but friends makes the amount of study we do bearable and often enjoyable. It is amazing to look back now and think that it hasn’t even been 12 months of knowing all the people of the GM and it’s hard to imagine not knowing you all now.

A truly rewarding experience has been getting involved with the UOW Global Health Group. It has astounded me how generous people are with regards to global and national health even as students with such heavy study loads. Through my involvement with UOW GHG, I have also learned more about the incredible achievements and pre-medicine lives of those in our cohort - it is phenomenal what some of you have already managed to achieve, I look forward to seeing where the future takes you!

I would be lying if I said that I’ve loved every minute of this year - there are definitely highs and lows, but the highs outweigh the lows 100%! Enjoy your medicine experience and get involved in all the opportunities and events that come your way because they are what will keep you inspired! Embrace uni life and remember how lucky we are to not only be in a medicine degree but one that is as special as UOW’s.

~Bec Newton

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