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NSWMSC Feature Fridays - Haley


 My name is Haley Amson. I’m a Canadian International Medical Student in my second year at the University of Wollongong. I come from a long lineage of female leaders in medicine. My grandmother was a nurse in the far North, my aunt a long time midwife on a coastal Island, my mother a nurse and role model for seven daughters – five of us in the health profession in various allied ways. I enter this field inspired by many hardworking and incredibly nurturing women, who have always sought and demonstrated equality in all aspects of their lives. 

My time in NSW has shown me that these ideals of equality, compassion and hard work exist in all corners of the world. From my experiences at UOW as Secretary of SHAG (Sexual Health Awareness Group), I’ve seen staff and students support, initiate and celebrate events for LGBTQI health, reproductive rights and abortion, as well as raising funds for menstrual products for those less fortunate. I am also a member of the national group, Doctors for the Environment of Australia (DEA) and attended the 2018 Annual Conference in Newcastle. I was inspired by the doctors who share my passion for our planet and its preservation and am grateful for their knowledge of what climate change will mean for future patients. I am continually finding that my foundations from home are able to sustain the learnings and experiences that I am gaining in Australia. Patients also seem to open up when asking me where I’m from and sharing their own unique Canadian experiences with me. I realize now that I was slightly worried that I would feel like an outsider Down Under, but I don’t. My medical journey has been very special and welcoming and I thank everyone for hosting me.


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