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Life Outside of Medicine - Tash Staude (Phase 2)

It’s no doubt that medicine is going to keep you busy with the many hours of classes, placement, and study… how the hell are you meant to have time to do other things!? I’m here to tell you that with a little bit of forward planning, it is possible!

I was asked at the start of 2018 to be on the committee for the University AFL club (yeah the doggies). My first thought was HELL NO, how will I have time for club sport and still pass my degree?? Throwing caution to the wind I decided to do it, and honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. Between training twice a week, game day, meetings and other social events it is time consuming, yes. But so so worth it. I’ve made friends who I consider family - a social network that is invaluable after moving interstate to a place where I knew no one.

I was worried that having a big time commitment would detrimentally effect my study, but my grades actually improved between first and second year. Not only that but my mental health improved too. I love Medicine, and I love the Med Fam but it’s no doubt that it can be a bit of a ‘bubble’ at times. It’s so important to have friends or hobbies outside, so that you can forget about study every once in a while.

It can be challenging at times to balance everything, but whatever it is you want to do - whether that be your grocery shopping, gym, keeping in touch with family and friends, work, volunteering, or sport - If you study efficiently and organise your time, you can do medicine and still do everything else!

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