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Sports Report 2018-2019

Sport has a way of bringing people together and bringing the best out of people. This year of WUMSS sporting pursuits was no exception as we reflect on the year that was.


The second annual WUMSS Interphase sports day was once again a great day. Overall, 44 students from Years 1,2 & 3 (Phase 1 Session 1, Phase 1 session 3 and Phase 2) participated in a range of sports in the hope of taking home the infamous ‘Gong’ Trophy.

Speedy Touch skills, the precision of Ultimate Frisbee and endurance of soccer were all challenged on the ovals while on the count there were fiercely contested Netball games. A 4km run saw students zoom around a UOW campus course while the UOW pool provided students a venue to contest a relay swim. Ping pong matches were also played by students to round off the sporting list. A BBQ luncheon and cupcakes brought by our sponsor MIPS were provided to fuel the athletes before a knock out Dodge ball competition saw team ‘Pouch of Douglas’ win the cash prize before the announcement of the trophy.

After a fabulous day of sport the winner of the 2019 Interphase Sports Day was Year 1 ~ Class of 2022, the fit freshers! Not only did this year group have fabulous participation numbers but their sportsmanship, willingness to fill in for other teams and positivity during the day made them worthy victors. Congratulations!

Many thanks to everyone that offered their time to help run sports, umpire, barbeque, set up the event and clean up after the event. Your assistance was invaluable and I couldn’t have done it without you all. What a wonderful day to build our medical schools interphase relationships and celebrate health and fitness.

The second event on the sporting calendar this year was the Multiple Sclerosis 24hour Megaswim. Prior to the event an ‘MS information Evening’ was used as our fundraiser. This event aimed to give students and community members a holistic insight into Multiple sclerosis from people with different perspectives of the disease.


Guest speakers included:

-          MS Ambassador Karen Davies -  On her personal experiences with MS and providing a context of how funding & scholarships from the MS Society benefits those with MS.

-          Neurologist Dr Robert McGrath - On the medical diagnosis of MS and treatment available

-          Medical researcher Dr Yasmine Probst - On her experiences as a person diagnosed with MS and on her medical research into Nutrition and Dietetics and MS.

-          Specialist MS Physiotherapist and researcher Dr Phu Hoang - On his research and transformations of exercise programs with people with MS

-          Annette Freak on her experiences and journey with diagnosis and treatment from a rural community and providing awareness into MS the often silent disease; and

-          Christine Freak (Annette’s daughter) on family support and how swimming as part of her mum’s treatment had brought her family together.


The MS 24hour Megaswim kicked off the following weekend at the UOW University pool. ‘The WUMSS Flagella Squad’ consisting of 22 members swam the grand total of 64.65km during the 24hours. During these 1293 laps swam through 50mm of soaking rain members of the team swam the longest they ever had in their lives, saw the witching hour or the sunrise and smashed their goals from previous years all in the name of raising funds and awareness for MS. The official 2019 fundraising came to $1381.00 which when totalled means that over the 3 years the WUMSS Flagella Squad has raised $7804.25 dollars for MS.

This is an amazing achievement and I thank all those who got involved or supported the event over the last 3 years.


Thank you to everyone who has been involved in sporting events over the last year!

Harriet Raleigh (WUMSS Sports Representative)

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