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Important Information for Mentors (by submitting your form you indicate you've read and understood it).

WUMSS is pleased to announce that we are now taking numbers for mentors for 2019. Some of you may have had very different experiences with tutors/mentors in the past, so we thought we would just go through a few things before you sign up:

  • If you are signing up, this year we are encompassing both a tutor/mentoring role. It will be expected that not only do you offer academic advice if required, but also be there to support your student in getting through their first year of med school, whether it be a pep talk before that first scary competency, or listening to their fears of how they will manage their new life as a med student.

  • Although we encourage you to pass on your wonderful knowledge and learning tips, remember that although we have all passed the exams, that doesn't mean that we know everything, including what will be in their exam. Try not to have a 'that will NEVER be in the exam/don't bother learning that' attitude.

  • Once you receive your first year student, you will be provided with their email. It would be great if tutors could make the first move and send an email just to say hey and break the ice!

  • It will be up to your mentoree as to the frequency of meeting times within reason. A frequency of no more than once a fortnight seems adequate, and in the past is usually a lot less frequent. However be prepared if you sign up that it may be this frequent. Just think of the revision you'll get done!

  • Unfortunately we cannot have tutors that received an unsatisfactory in their end of year exams. Sorry!

  • Not all mentoring partnerships work out….it's ok! If it's not working out with your tutee (e.g. they change their mind and don't want a mentor), please let us know if you would like to be paired up with someone else, there may be a first year with the same issue!

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