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Wollongong University Medical Students' Society
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Murray Crowe

Name: Murray Crowe

Email Address: murraycrowe92@hotmail.com

Description of room/ property: Small room in a big house of 5 other 2nd + 1st year med students. All the second years will be busy studying for exams so it will be a conducive atmosphere for study.

Date available from:: 06/01/2015

Date available to:: 06/15/2015

Link to photos of room:

How far from the Uni are you by car/bus/foot/magic carpet? : Very close, 15 min walk, 5 min cycle

Price per week: $50

Any other special preferences : We have a cooking roster (each person cooks once a week). It saves a lot of time and works well so if you'd rather not cook dinner every night this is the house for you.

Your best contact details: 0425935757, don't hesitate to give me a call/message if you have any questions.

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