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Wollongong University Medical Students' Society
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Phase 3 listing blog

Ellie Tucker

Name: Ellie Tucker

Email Address: ellie_qld@hotmail.com

Description of room/ property: Moss St, Nowra. Decent sized spare room complete with Queen sized mattress. Bed linen supplied. House is a retro-ish little farm house on a big block. Neighbours include a tennis court and a cow paddock. Housemates are nice and welcoming.

Date available from:: 04/27/2015

Date available to:: 05/30/2015

Link to photos of room: don't have one sorry... but I can appeal to 1st year Charne Quayle on the FB 2018 site as a referee, she stayed there for about 10 days

How far from the Uni are you by car/bus/foot/magic carpet? : 10 mins drive from Shoalhaven campus. 1hour and 10 mins drive from Wollongong campus

Price per week: 50.00

Any other special preferences : pleasant personality!? cooking ability greatly appreciated

Your best contact details: email

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