Wollongong University Medical Students' Society
Wollongong University Medical Students' Society



(July 15 – July 19 2019 - Guidelines)

1.      By submitting this form the applicant acknowledges the following guidelines.
2.      Funding is limited. It is allocated on a first in basis.
3.      Timings:
            a.      All applications for funding must be made electronically to wumss.president@gmail.com by 3 pm on the 19th July 2019.
            b.      Allocation of funds will be determined collectively
4.      Funding will be to the maximum of:
            a.       Up to $400 – Presenting at a medical conference. – (Attach Abstract – confirmation of presentation)
            b.       Up to $200 – Attending an extra-curricular overseas medical activity in a developing country.
            c.       Up to $150 – Attending a medical event / conference.
5.     Provide copies of relevant receipts up to the amount requested with evidence of payment (e.g. registration, flight, or accommodation receipt).  In no circumstances will funding be provided beyond the costs incurred in attending the medical event (this includes funding from other organisations/bodies). If this occurs the applicant is to inform the WUMSS secretary and reimburse the excess funds.
6.      Only one allocation of funding can be successfully applied for each calendar year.
7.      The School of Medicine’s Manager: Community, Primary, Remote and Rural is the final arbitrator on allocation of any funds under this scheme.