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Eloise Doak - Academic Representative

Hey I’m El, one of your Academic Reps. I’m originally from Rockhampton (aka The Hamptons) up in central QLD, but have spent the last few years in Brisbane doing my undergrad in biomedical science. If you see me around make sure to say hi - you’ll catch me doodling on a whiteboard somewhere with a coffee in hand or wearing maroon on State of Origin days.

Overall my aim as Academic Rep this year is to provide as much academic support as possible to help us thrive (or survive) through medical school - whether it be through organising tutorials, finding where to get help, lending an ear for an exam stress-out, or even being an SP for some competency practice. I’m here for all things academic so if the coagulation cascade has got you down, I’m your girl.

Cherise Schutt - Academic Representative

Hi guys! My name is Cherise. I grew up in Toowoomba but have been working as a vet for the last 5 years in Adelaide and the UK. As the academic rep I aim to always be available for advice, help with study plans, or practicing competencies. The best tip is get help early! Eloise and I are an open door and happy to chat at anytime.

Jasmine Pickard - Social representative

Hey! I’m Jazz; I am originally from the Shoalhaven area and moved to Wollongong a couple of years ago for my undergrad. As one of your social reps, I am here to ensure you have the best time possible at UOW Med. Please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you may have, social or otherwise, and I’ll be more than happy to help you out or direct you to someone who can! Cant wait to party with all of you!!

Sarah Wray - Social representative

Hi, I'm Sarah originally a tropical girl all the way from Cairns, Far North Queensland. If I was to describe myself I would say that I have a profound interest in fitness, the outdoors and the occasional wine or two. As a passionate medical student, I am a strong believer in 'work hard, play hard' motto. This year, as social representative I aim to implement activities that promote cohesiveness between the year levels. I'm always happy to have a chat and gain feedback to arrange or improve activities that benefit the students! Thanks, Sarah


Angel Thomas

Hey guys! I'm Angel and I am originally from India, born and raised in Kuwait, and moved to Melbourne in 2015 to complete my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science. As your international representative, I will be your go-to person for any queries or any difficulties you are facing - from accommodation, preparing for an overseas examination or even if you are feeling a little homesick and want to just chill out (and everything else in between)!

Blake Lindsay - IT and Web officer

Ever since childhood, it has always been a dream of mine to become the IT and web officer for a student run society, and I am truly humbled to hold this position. Thank you, everyone, for making a young boy's dream come true.

In this role, I will keep our website running smoothly and increase the resources we can deliver to medical students. Feel free to contact me on facebook or at bml611@uowmail.edu.au for any IT related issues you may be having here.

Harriet Raleigh - Sports officer

Hi! I'm Harriet and I'm your Sports Representative for 2018/19. Hailing from a property outside the tiny rural town of North Star (North West NSW), sport has been an important part of my life. Sport was a chance to meet other people, keep your mind and body fit and healthy and develop skills of perseverance, teamwork and resilience, all of which have helped while studying Medicine.

Previously, l studied Medical science in Sydney and majored in Anatomy and Histology one of my other great loves. I'm super excited to work with you all to enhance and nurture the love of sport in the Graduate Medical Program through the WUMMS team. We have some exciting things in progress but please feel free to ask me any questions or send me things you'd love to get involved in. I have a feeling it's going to be a great year!!

Alice Kirby - Health and Wellbeing officer

Hi everybody! I’m Alice the Health and Wellbeing Officer for this year. I grew up in a super rural town called Jindera in NSW and moved with my parents to Albury-Wodonga (regional NSW) in my teens. I completed my undergrad in Albury-Wodonga and then my Honours in Melbourne before venturing up here to the warmth to study medicine. Through all of the moving and living in different rural, regional, and metropolitan places I’ve had a first-hand experience of how overwhelming it can all be.

That’s why WUMSS has me, your health and wellbeing officer, to aid you through all the turbulence of completing your dream of becoming a doctor. You can catch me most days on the Wollongong campus (look for the tattoos), I’m always happy to sit down and have a chat and coffee and if you’re lucky I’ll have my furbaby dogs with me for extra support and cuddles. My overall aims for the year are to create an inviting common space for us all to share, introducing free yoga sessions on the lawn, having dogs day out on campus and many new workshops and events!

Adrian Siu - Publications officer

Hey everyone, I’m Adrian! I was born in Hong Kong but moved to Sydney at a young age, and I’ve pretty much grown up there my whole life. In my previous life I studied pharmacy and dabbled in Health Economic research at USYD. As publications officer, my role is to author the semester newsletter, as well as controlling the social media accounts for WUMSS.

Since we’re all part of the GM, if there are any great placement photos, beautiful scenery photos of Wollongong (or other rural hubs) that you’d like for me to share or just anything interesting – education/recreational, please let me know (photo credits + bump in followers included)!!!

Rhiannon Russel - Indigenous Representative

Hi everybody!

My name is Rhiannon, but everyone knows me as Re! I am a proud Aboriginal Worimi woman and I am the new Indigenous representative. I am very proud that I can be the first to embrace this position and hand it down to future students. It is a very exciting time for WUMSS as they are one of the first Medical school student associations in Australia to adopt this position.

My role is to advocate for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students as well as help students engage in significant events and community. I am also here to help educate students so that WUMSS and all students of UOW graduate medicine can be culturally safe, culturally sensitive and culturally aware.

Michel Levi - Environmental Officer

Hello! My name is Michel, or Mi for short. I was born in Brazil and grew up in Canada for most of my life. I’m very excited to be coming in as the environmental officer this year! Nature fascinates me and I’ve always valued the importance of immersing ourselves in it. My goals are to help make our medical community more environmentally friendly while also getting us all more connected with the great outdoors. You’ll often find me drinking some tea, making some doodles, come say hello! :)

Damien Gibson - AMSA junior representative

Hi Everyone, I’m Damien, a Canadian born in Australia. I spent the last few years enjoying the Gold Coast and Brisbane as a medical device sales rep and did Biomed at Griffith. I’m currently living the #2451 Shoalie life and enjoying the beaches and climbing while occasionally studying.

In my position as Jr AMSA Representative I will be part of a team to provide a student voice connecting UOW to the national body for Australian medical students. If you have any questions regarding AMSA please say hello!

Ishith Seth - AMSA Junior Representative

Hey everyone, I am one of the Junior AMSA Representatives for 2018. I am originally from Wagga Wagga NSW then moved down to Melbourne for my undergraduate studies. In my position, I will be listening to the ideas and issues of other students and effectively communicate with council and other university bodies. I will also provide information regarding any important events or information that would be relevant. If you have any concerns, ideas or want to know more about AMSA, feel free to contact me.

Meredith (MIM) Young-Whitford - Phase 1 representative (Wollongong)

Hey guys, I am Mim, your Woolie Phase 1 rep. I am from Bowral, a little country town not too far from here, but the Gong has been my second home now for almost 6 years having done both my Bachelor of Psych and a Masters of Business here.

As Phase One Rep, my role is to liaise between all Phase 1 students, WUMMS committee and GM staff about anything ‘Med Life’ related. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns come find me (most likely by the hot water urn in the common room with a tea in hand). Having studied and worked at the Uni for a good while now, I know my way around pretty well, especially where to go for any support you need, health wise, academic wise, where to go for ‘getting started’/enrolment issues but most importantly where the best food and coffee is at! I am always here for all of you if you ever need a vent or a cry or cuddle or a big belly laugh or just feel like a general chat about random useless completely non-med related topics I am your gal.

Nicola Zelow - Phase 1 Representative (Shoalhaven)

Hey all! Mt Isa born, Hervey Bay raised– I’m a Queenslander that now calls Nowra home. In my past life I studied Medical Imaging in Brisbane where I graduated as a radiographer. After working a couple of years in the Sunshine State I made the move down south to the Shoalhaven. As your Shoalie representative, I’m here to help with all your Phase One needs. Whether that be chats about the first year of medical school, how to navigate around the resident Shoalhaven kangaroos or where to find the hidden gems of Jervis Bay - I’m always around for a chat, so come say hello.

Sarah Mitchell - Phase 2 Representative

Hi there! My name is Sarah and I am one of your Phase 2 Representatives. I was born and raised in Melbourne and am consequently a coffee snob, AFL nut (go Pies) and smashed avo enthusiast. My goal as Phase 2 Representative is to make your transition and Phase 2 journey (both academic and non-academic) as seamless and enjoyable as possible. I am always happy to help, so please feel free to reach out with any concerns, suggestions or even if you just need a chat. I am so thrilled to be a part of the WUMSS 2018/2019 team and look forward to working with Georgia to make Phase 2 your best year of Medical School!

Georgia Henshaw - Phase 2 representative

Hi! I’m Georgia and I’m one half of the Phase 2 Rep team for 2018/2019. I’m originally from Canberra, did my undergrad in Medical Science at ANU and spent a couple of years in various cancer biology research labs before starting med! I loved my time in Phase 1 as a Shoalie and am eager to make Phase 2 a great experience for the 2020 cohort. Alongside Sarah (the far more stylish of the Phase 2 rep team), I hope we can represent the interests of the student body and be advocates for your academic and general wellbeing. If you ever need to chat about anything (regardless of what phase you’re in) please come and find us!


Jessica Cusumano - Phase 3 and 4 Representative

Sydney by birth but South Coast in Spirit and a Shoalie for life. I did a Science Degree at ADFA in Chemistry, Geography and Operations Research. I did my honours in Geography at Macquarie Uni focussing my thesis on the applications of French Social Theorists. I spent most of my adult life wearing grey and driving big trips which saw me circumnavigate Australia multiple times and travel to some beautiful and dangerous places around the world.

I live in Gerringong with my inappropriately friendly dog #radarpup. I’ve previously been involved in WUMSS as the Publications Officer and this time will be a Phase 3 Rep. If there is anything on your mind or something that you feel is important to our cohort, please let me know. I’ll be spending the next 12 months in the Nowra Hub so I am in close proximity to the GM. For the later cohorts feel free to hit me up for a chat at Shoalie campus and add fuel to my procrastination fire.

Laura Robson - Phase 3 and 4 Representative

Hi everyone! Born and bred in Melbourne I relocated to Shoalhaven for phase 1, Wollongong for phase 2 and now Murwillumbah for phase 3. Safe to say I'm probably heading to Gold Coast or beyond for phase 4, I seem to be chasing the sun. I have a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Psychology and am very passionate about mental health and wellbeing. Having been Phase 1 rep, I understand that WUMSS is an important part of the medical student culture and rekindles the spirit post the library or hospital. Please contact me with any queries about Phase 3/4.


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